Organovital® is a natural formulation of green tea extract (Oxylent TVC®) and pomegranate extract (Oxylent GR®). It is the best natural solution for people who follows a low-calorie diet. It enhances weight loss by maximizing the efficiency of the hypocaloric diet.

Organovital® has several added values

Organovital® is an effective food supplement for weight management

Organovital® specifications

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* “To be used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity (if possible) to help in weight management” for green tea extract providing 136-300 mg epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) and 75-150 mg caffeine, with an EGCG:caffeine ratio of 1.8:1 to 4:1, per day.


Organovital® has been developed in partnership with PHP Eleonor.